Bob Dylan To Write A Fictional Novel

Bob Dylan is all set to publish his first fictional novel to prove to the purists of Social Media that he deserves the Nobel Prize. On 13th October 2016, when Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for having created new poetic expressions all around the world, the Social Media warriors seemed to have an issue or two with this news and the uproar was mainly noticed on Twitter and other major life altering social media sites. When Bob Dylan wrote historic songs and poems around the civil rights movement in the 1970s, he didn’t know that he would have to defend all of them by writing a novel in 2016, but as they say, nothing comes easy, especially when the cause is Noble.

A 21 year old self proclaimed writer named Preeti, seemed largely dissatisfied by the Nobel committee’s decision of not asking her opinion before awarding Bob Dylan the prize. She ranted on Twitter about how her understanding of literature is narrowed down to the fictional books that she has been reading for the last 6 months, and how “musicians” should not get Nobel Prizes. After reading this and thousands of other tweets from other such boys and girls, Bob Dylan thought “well, the girl is right. I am just a musician at the end of the day”. When asked about how Neruda got the prize for his poems and how Dylan’s collection of poems is also significant considering the context within which they were written, the girl shrugged her shoulders and said “Well, I wasn’t on Twitter at that time, or else I’d have protested against Neruda too”. The self confidence of this girl was extraordinary and her respect for and understanding of literature was astounding. She agreed to talk a lot more about this but since we had a job to do, we politely refused and contacted Bob Dylan about his new book.

Bob Dylan, whom we all know as the guy whose song was covered by Guns N Roses, was not as ecstatic as we thought he would be after hearing about the decision of the Nobel Prize committee. When we asked why, he said that he didn’t care about the prizes as long as the money was good. The joke was good and we all laughed, but the sadness in his eyes was apparent. This guy had nothing to do with the award but he was still getting the hate as if it were he who had demanded the award from the Nobel committee. He also seemed clearly perturbed by the comments of some 21 year old kids, and hence took the decision of writing a novel to teach all of them a lesson. When we asked more about the book, he said that the writing is still in progress and that the book will be published within the next few months. The plot of his book revolves around feminism, misogyny and workplace sexism. He told us that these are the things which attract the youth nowadays and since the civil rights movement is more or less done and dusted, fighting for equal rights for women is the next best thing he can do. But there is a slight twist in the novel : he is writing from the point of view of a person who has completely misunderstood women and the concept feminism. We all know how that’s gonna turn out. The title is not yet finalised, but as of now the working title is “One Indian Girl”.

With all this brouhaha around his Nobel prize, we think that this book will calm down some of the young boys and girls. The rest of the people, who think that he deserved the prize, are busy sharing clips of Blowin’ with the wind on their Facebook and Twitter timelines, as a mark of respect for this legend, who is ironically not on Social Media. If times like these continue and we keep narrowing down the definition of what we call literature, then shortly a time will come when the Nobel Prize would be awarded only to tweeters whose body of work will contain 100k tweets and two Buzzfeed articles around their tweets. As Dylan said, The Times They Are a-Changin’.

Signing off,
BBC News.

First published on Huffington Post.

Me gavaiyya hu.

Me gavaiyya hu.


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