Nahi Chahiye Bhai Ghar Me Kutta

If you consume Facebook for lunch and Twitter for snacks, you must’ve seen that crispy story floating around your timelines in which a girl rejects the guy because he doesn’t like dogs. The story has been covered by all the mainstream online journalism sites (sadly, that’s what they are called) within no time. If you still haven’t read that private WhatsApp conversation made public by some dumb schmuck, be my guest or alternatively log on to your Facebook or Twitter account and wait for 5 seconds until the story pops up in your newsfeed with the caption “You go, girl”.

My first reaction to anything covered by these online journalism sites is similar to my reaction when my mom sends me those totally made up “conspiracy theory” styled WhatsApp forwards: “Mat karo yaar ye sab, nahi padhna mujhe”. But this story was something different. All the levels of bullshit were crossed and a new milestone was created in the history of things that have went viral so far. When I was heading to office this morning, I didn’t realise that by the end of the day I’d be having an opinion about whether or not dogs should be allowed to break marriages or if a girl asks to keep her dog after the marriage, is she right or not. But clearly, two hours into the day and every guy on the internet needed to have an opinion about this in order to be relevant in their little social circle that they have online.

The story seemed totally bullshit to me. But the way it was presented made the whole thing even more disgusting. So, basically the girl called off the marriage because the husband wasn’t open to the idea of having a dog in his bedroom, which to me, seemed like something normal. After all, it’s completely acceptable in an open society to fear animals or not feel comfortable around them, isn’t it? Heck, even I am not comfortable around cats. I’d totally understand someone not being comfortable with some other animal as a pet in his/her house licking their pants all the time for their entire life. It’s a huge commitment and telling your partner about your issues with pets before hand seems like a completely rational thing a smart person would do. The only thing which seemed a bit out of place in that whole story was that guy asking her to marry the dog. I mean, that was a bit too rude of him to say that but consider his situation for a minute. Firstly, it was an arrange marriage so clearly he wasn’t able to find the love of his life. Secondly, the guy got rejected because the girl chose a dog over him. I mean, with this frustration, I’d kill the fucking dog if it’s trying to harm my chances of having sex, but that poor guy just asked her to get married with the dog. I mean, it’s okay. It’s not like you’d start covering every rude person in the town for generating your shitty content. Everyone is rude on their odd days. We are humans and no one is perfect, especially those guys who are planning to have an arrange marriage.

The thing didn’t stop here. All the animal lovers, PETA, any fucking dude who has anything to do with animals, basically everyone just climbed upon that poor guy like hungry dogs (ah, the metaphor). Their pointless arguments included: “How can he not live with a dog?”, “It’s love when you start loving a dog for her instead of dumping it”. I mean are these people kidding me. So, let’s say a few days later, a girl says that she has two cobras and a leopard as her pets and the guy she is going to marry rejected her because he wasn’t comfortable with the idea of sleeping with snakes and leopard. Will you guys outrage again? Bear Grylls would surely warn his girlfriend if he pets a tiger in his house and if she isn’t comfortable with the tiger, she obviously won’t marry him. It’s sort of that thing which starts with ‘L’, ends with ‘C’ and has “OGI’ between it.

I mean, come on, some people are into pets and some are not. It’s the couple’s choice if they want to have a pet or not, YOU don’t have a say in it. If someone loves their pet far too much, it’s their choice to call off the marriage. And clearly, as far as I can see, the girl didn’t dump that guy for her dog; the guy refused to get married to her because his mom had issue with the dogs.  It looked mutual to me, and even if it wasn’t, the guy wasn’t wrong in cancelling the marriage. No one was a hero in this story. It was plain utter bullshit.

Stop telling people how to live and how to adopt and how to compromise. Stop making an issue out of every fucking thing. It’s not funny anymore. Stop.


2 thoughts on “Nahi Chahiye Bhai Ghar Me Kutta

  1. Wow! Thank you for writing this. Seriously. I was debating over whether this should be pointed out, but then, “society accept nahi karegi, go with the morcha” shit held me back. But, kudos. Seriously. Staying disinterested in today’s world is another sort of crime where utter shit goes viral for no reason and it becomes our responsibility to make people realise that either all sides of story should be covered, or it should be left for a better time when we are better informed.

    That was a completely valid point, it is not justified to make a private conversation public without mutual approval. And, with the amount of allegations stamped in the post, people passing judgements solely on he basis of what was selectively informed – I agree with Daniel Fernandes like hell when he points out that this is a chaotic world when everyone has a voice, everyone has an internet connection and everyone is a society radicalizer.


  2. Well i never had any pet n i even dnt understand why do people love having pets in their house …but its just their choice n if uh ask about this !?Oh god…. I loved reading it !!!woah! It was truely amazing !
    Tysm fr writing this, Vishal dayama 😊


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