Rape. Apathy. Rape.

Indian woman who survived shocking gang-rape attack is raped AGAIN by the SAME five men who are out on bail

I’ve formed an evening routine of sorts.

I wake up, catch some horrific, graphic news about a rape(s), get overcome by a chilling mixture of hair-raising anger and helplessness, take a moment to thank God about the fact that my girlfriend, sister and mother are safe, before switching the channel to MTV to catch a rerun of Roadies. Or maybe Splitsvilla. The conversation that should be about rape, quickly shifts to Raghu.

Rape comes as part of my daily bulletin, with the same frequency as weather updates. 1 woman brutally gangraped in Surat. 2 women raped and found dead. Kopardi rape case. Ahemadnagar rape-murder trial. Two rapists walk free. Rape victim commits suicide. It’s all very confusing.

“Ye kal wala hi hai?” my father asks me.

“Nahi, ye naya hai”, I inform him.

In the top 20 news bulletin, rape cases somehow always manage to appear at the 19th or 20th position, after rains in Mumbai and Salman’s rape comment.

After Salman’s rape comment. The priority of an actual rape case is lower than that of news about a stupid actor making an analogy about rape. That will tell you everything you need to know about our world. This is our defining moment. Someday when aliens take over our fucked up world ( and I hope they do it soon), they will know us as the place where rape generates less news that a comment about rape.

My eyes have now learnt to glaze over the rape updates. But when I hear a story like one where a girl is gang raped again by the same men, I am no longer just angry at the world. I am furious with my country. Is the law and order across India that incredibly fucked up or is Haryana the place where the last shreds of humanity go to die?

Incidentally, Haryana is setting up a 24*7 helpline for cows. For fucking cows. A girl is getting raped in your state twice within 3 years by the same 5 gentlemen and you are setting up a helpline for fucking cows. Is this state a joke that I am not getting because it sure isn’t funny anymore. Your gender ratio is already fucked up because you don’t want girl children because your arguments defy all logic. Female foeticide is as common a practice in your state as boxing is. Even the Supreme Court has issued you a notice regarding the sudden spike in rape cases. And you start caring about cows all of a sudden? At lease use your resources wisely, goddamnit.
For once, if India had its priorities straight, if the various stupid women welfare organisations cared more about actual rapes than about Salman Khan’s comment, if our media ran enough stories around rapes to raise awareness instead of 1 hour podcasts of jerking off to Virat Kohli’s greatness, the situation could’ve been slightly better.

The sad thing is that it’s not just in Haryana, it’s everywhere in India. If we count till 2014, there are over 31,000 rape cases pending in India. That’s almost more than the future female population of Haryana, if we keep their devastatingly skewed gender ratio in mind. 92 women are raped daily here. Ninety-two. If that number doesn’t take your sleep away, I don’t know what will. Sadly, this number is increasing every year and these are just the rape cases which get reported. Hundreds of rape cases don’t even get reported because the victims fear that they will lose their respect in society. A society which is doing nothing for them, except maybe that one time when it blames the clothes they wear. With rape cases becoming so common, the law and order becoming so inefficient and ineffective, I wonder if in coming years, we will start treating rape as yet another crime. Yet another robbery. Yet another rape. Yet another victim dies while fighting her case. Yet another rapist gets freed. The time will soon be here when these cases will die with dust on their files, the screams of the victims will not reach our ears and our sympathies will be wasted somewhere else, on some pettier issues.


I sat on a flight the other day, next to a lady who was reading a headline on rape – this time about the young woman in Surat who was raped and set ablaze by her ex-boyfriend and three of his friends. She gasped and turned to her friend.

Her friend, typing away furiously on Whatsapp, turned for a second to look at the headline and turned back to her phone saying, “ It’s not that more rapes are happening these days, it’s just that more of them are getting reported. This world has always been a fucked up place. Anyway, chalo shukar hai hum toh nahi hai.”

My first instinct was to grab her phone from her hand and throw it onto the fiber-glass window of the aircraft but then I thought…maybe she’s right.

I am just another guy in this system who is watching the chaos unfolding. But sometimes I wonder, if someone else can even see this or not. And if they can, why is no one talking about it. Why are we just happy with a once in a year candle march? Why do we ask our women to be safe when they complain about their workplace harassment, or about that stalker who has been following them since last month? Why don’t we try to take any action against those people? For the last time, it’s not a small thing. Rape is not a small thing. It ruins a person’s life. It ruins her family. It questions everything which we stand for. Are we still undermining its gravity? And if not, then why, why do we just sit there and just watch it all before changing the channel? Is humanity dying or are we becoming threateningly apathetic?

I don’t know how to change those statistics. I don’t know to bring down the number of rapes in India. I don’t know how to make those fast track courts even faster. But the one thing I know is that a conversation should happen around it. It should happen everyday. Till the time when the number goes down to zero. We shouldn’t be ashamed of having this conversation; we shouldn’t get bored of it. We should have it as frequently as possible. After every rape, after every incident. Everyone should talk about it. Then only people will get to understand the seriousness of the issue. Who knows, some guy, who was gonna have revenge sex with a girl who asked him to stay away from her, might get stopped by his friends because they start fearing the law. Who knows he might just delete her picture and the whole thing gets over right there. Who knows if your conversation might stop him from taking that extra step.

All I am asking you to do is, let’s not just change the channel for the next few years. Let’s just keep having the conversation. Let’s.


2 thoughts on “Rape. Apathy. Rape.

  1. Glad someone is talking openly about it, we need more people to show some initiative to solve this issue that is swelling day-by-day! I don’t think there’s one such day when there’s no article being published on news covering issues like rape, molestation, kidnapping, and what-not (all negative) and people rather than reacting just flip through the pages and channels to skip seeing it because its now an everyday affair. Thanks for raising a voice against the odds!


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