You swipe left. You swipe right. You check your Facebook feed. You like a few pics on Instagram. You scroll your Twitter TL. You read a few articles on Medium. You scroll your Twitter TL again. You check your Snapchat. You scroll. You keep the apps open. You close your life.

You make your own tea. You light a cigarette. You smoke while scrolling. You scroll while smoking. You eat your breakfast. You take an auto. You scroll. You scroll till you reach your office. You ask for a coffee. You scroll. You listen to a few songs. You watch a TV series. You look around. Everyone is busy. Scrolling. You light another cigarette. You start contemplating. You take out your phone. You scroll.

You see poor people. You see stray dogs. You want to help. You click their pics. You keep on walking. And scrolling. And walking. Till you reach your place. Where you can sit down comfortably. To scroll.

Everyone is busy doing nothing. To do nothing you have to feel nothing. You feel nothing. 2015 was like yesterday. 2014 was like a week ago. Your life is getting scrolled. By realities. In a few years, this all will be gone. Hi, I am working from home today. Working from home, heh. So what did you learn today? I learned how to scroll better. And I avoided meeting people. I think it was great. Working from home was great. I will try this again. Till I can completely stop learning. I want to scroll till eternity. I don’t like to experience things. I love to read them. That’s why I am on reddit. I read everyone’s shit. I up vote it. I engage in useless battles. I am a warrior. My fingers are my weapon. I keep finding new ways to scroll. I listen to podcasts as well. They are good. They remind me who became famous and why and what’s happening around and that way I don’t get to scroll. Because hey, sometimes I hate scrolling. I listen to some random guy who gets paid to do that. I feel enlightened by listening to him chatting with some other guy and I feel everyone should do it. And then, I share his voice on my social networking sites. To provide scrolling material for you. So that you can scroll. And listen. And scroll. And don’t get out of your precious little comfort zones. Get all the experiences delivered to your home. Order some food maybe. But do not get out. It’s not good out there. You might feel ignored. Or small. You are not.

So scroll.

One fine day you will wake up and throw away your phone. You will cry. You will remember your experiences. Remember that day when I kept scrolling and it was raining outside and I posted three pics and scored that chick online. Remember that day when I was in the hospital and my mom was dead and I was trying to get sympathy online. Remember that day when I had nothing to do so I just made that anonymous account and it became famous. Remember that day when I cheated on my girlfriend with that chick I swiped right. Remember when I introduced myself by my alias. Remember when I died. I posted a pic two hours before dying. Remember?

Experiences. Crazy little things.




2 thoughts on “Scroll

  1. Loved reading this. Wrote something similar a few days back. I hope the internet disappears for a week or so. It’d be fun to see how everyone reacts, including me 😀


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