Entrepreneur abandons his startup; joins Infosys to do something different

In a historic moment, 22 years old Amit Kumar, founder of Zulabo app quit his own startup to join Infosys.

Zulabo, a Tinder-based app is dedicated to helping people suffering from Julab (loose motions), it connects people who spend most of their time in washrooms, bridging  people who consider washrooms their second home and lets them share their (e)motions.

Toilet meet- ups are organized for constipated users. The app recently roped in Rajpal Yadav for advertisement purposes due to his fitting constipated face.

Amit flushes off Zulabo

Amit Kumar resigned from the board of directors yesterday and accepted his own resignation to finally flush off Zulabo. “I wanted to do something different and Zulabo wasn’t quite that. So, I decided to choose the pot path not taken. Of course, that meant joining a huge company which hires engineers like no one other. Infosys has been a pioneer in this field and hence my obvious choice,” said Amit.

Infosys’s CEO not surprised by the move

When the news of his resignation became public, a huge uproar, composed mostly of farts, shook the entire social media. Infosys’s CEO, Vishal Note, welcomed Amit’s step and said this will stop engineers from thinking about any “shitty” startups. He also said that it will be an inspiration for others to join Infosys like obedient engineers.

Our sources have also confirmed that Vishal Note is one of the most avid users of Zulabo. Which is not surprising since the spicy Indian food is obviously too much to handle for him.

First published at NTMN.


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