Delhi Elections: A Neutral Perspective

This is going to be a long post so if you are sleepy, go to your washroom, wash your face and sleep there. Also, if you don’t follow politics closely, I’d advise you not to read this post as I might lose a follower.

So, Delhi elections are around. The last time I wrote something about elections, I got hundreds of retweets and thousands of shares and oceans of hatred. So here I come again to take a dip in that ocean (Haridwar style). Just in case, if you think I’d ask you to vote for any party, I wanna clear that out that no one gives me money so no free promotion. Hence, it’s going to be a completely unbiased article from an unbiased perspective.

Like the last time, we have three political parties fighting this election. One is BJP, second is AAP and the third one is oh man I’m not gonna name that piece of shit. Things are looking good both for BJP and AAP. The campaigning has been great so far for both the parties. The real heartfelt moment, for me, in the entire campaigning happened today. When I was getting out from the CP A block metro station, the BJP guys and the AAP guys were distributing their caps. They were so calm and peaceful that it seemed like both the groups belong to the same party. I took caps from both of them, listened to what they had to say, and assured them that I won’t vote for Congress. Both the groups smiled with me. At times like these, you realise how they are nothing but humans, and judging a whole party just because a few bad elements are there is not only unfair but also unacceptable (ethically).

I loved how both the parties campaigned this time around. Arvind Kejriwal smiled a lot more than the last time, accused a lot less, made less promises, looked assuring. His team also didn’t create any sort of brouhaha. Overall, they looked calm. Kiran Bedi, on the other hand, comes with a great reputation of being the most honest police officer ever. Though she had a few fuck ups here and there in her speeches, but that’s acceptable I guess. It was her first time. Also, not all great leaders are good speakers and not all good speakers turn out to be great leaders.

When we talk about Delhi elections, two terms are used quite often: “Bhakts” and “Aaptards”. BJP fanboys are Bhakts and AAP fanboys are Aaptards. I swear to God, both these groups are so fucking irritating. If you follow somebody  because they ‘appear’ to be good, then you my friend, has a lot of work to do in raising the bar of your rationality. It’s deep down playing with Rahul Gandhi’s IQ. And the most irritating thing I find about these blind supporters is their ability to judge. For example, if you say you won’t vote for BJP, they automatically assume that you are an Aaptard. I mean what about Congress, man? What if the guy follows Congress? Or he decides to vote for NOTA? I get it that you are a hardcore supporter, but at least respect someone else’s opinion too. They might not have jumped to the conclusion of not voting for AAP/BJP just like you have jumped to conclude that they support the opposition party. They might have had a logical series of arguments in their minds. They might. You never know. Anyway, so these two groups don’t add anything to their respective parties, instead they make them look miserable. They do cheap tactics to malign the opposition. It’s ridiculous to have them around. And the thing which gets on my nerves is when they enter into a debate, UNINVITED. They can’t fucking see anyone having a logical debate because logic is something alien to them. They are a disgrace to the society (I know I am crossing the line but that’s how I feel about them).

Now coming back to the topic, whom should you vote for? I’d say anyone you feel to. Although anything other than Congress can (and I hope will) be a good change. But if you ask me, I’d advise you to vote for the best candidate in your area, even if it belongs to Congress. As a citizen, our duty should be to vote for the best candidates. We are not here to form the government. We vote to elect candidates who can represent us. Voting for a party that you want to see in the government just doesn’t serve the purpose. We vote because we can’t be there fighting for our rights, our education. So don’t we want the best candidate to represent us? Don’t get into the arguments like what if the government doesn’t form. It’s not our duty. They need to work it out. Our duty is just to vote. So guys, it’s still not late. Throw that “BJP/AAP ko vote dunga/dungi me toh” attitude in the dustbin, switch on your internet, search for the candidates who are contesting election in your area, check out their profile and choose the best one. Go out on 7th and vote. Vote, because Delhi wants you to vote. Waise bhi dry day hai.


One thought on “Delhi Elections: A Neutral Perspective

  1. Suppose i vote for Congress, because he/she is the best candidate from my point of view. But the government formed is other than that of Congress. Then my concerns and requirements will go unnoticed. i understand that we vote for person so that he/she can represent us in parliament, but what difference is going to be made if party to whom i vote not going to form government.


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