I want you to know that this line has been written after several unsuccessful attempts at finding a philosophical yet humorous starter. That’s what happens to you when you haven’t written anything for a while. I was reading a blog post called “21 things that fuck up your mood early in the morning” and was more than surprised to know that the blog post’s headline was not on the list. After I finished wasting my 5 precious minutes which I could’ve used in scratching my crotch, I thought why did I open this link when I clearly knew that someone jobless wrote this for someone jobless to tell them that “Hey, you’re really jobless”.

I got the answer after aimlessly googling it for two hours. It’s a chemical imbalance.

Let’s go back to where it all started. Remember your life before Facebook? Of course, you do. Because we were interacting with people. Actual interactions took place then. We weren’t so afraid of our “image” in a virtual world. We were bothered about what time the society kids will start playing football, but we weren’t bothered about the number of likes our display picture would get. We had the pressure of performing well in extra-curricular activities, we didn’t have the pressure of thinking about status updates/tweets which would attract people’s attention. People who don’t even matter.

Let’s go back a few more years and remember the time when we didn’t have mobile phones. When we wouldn’t be distracted by our parents calling us every hour to keep a check on us, when we wouldn’t be checking our phones for messages just to avoid an awkward situation. We used to fight those situations instead of cowardly (I bet you thought ‘smartly’) running away from them. Those were the simpler times, indeed. The never-ending socialisation and mobilification has done more bad than good.

When the era of Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp started, it made our nervous system super active. We prioritised things in a pretty bad way. We asked our mind to be on its feet whenever we got a notification. We didn’t allow it to relax. So as a result it started releasing extra hormones (Dopamine), which not only resulted in keeping us updated all the time, but also kept our sensory organs active for the most of the time in a day. This is also the reason for the increasing number of insomniacs in these four-five years. We actually fucked our brain for that tiny little notification. Now, even if you want to stop doing all this shit, you will fail. Because it has become a habit of your mind to release that shitty hormone in excess and the more it gets released, the more anxious you will feel. This can even lead to depression. After a few years, Parkinson’s disease might also start knocking at your door. And why? Because we had to check that fucking notification. It amazes me how a little beep can fuck with us in ways we can’t even begin to imagine.

Moreover, socialisation has done remarkably well in creating an intellectually challenged society. We have started judging everything on the basis of “how good would it look on my social account”. We are becoming egoistic narcissists. We are being rude to others for no reason at all. We would call someone fat ass cunt while sitting in front of our screens and not feel a thing. I bet it would take a lot more balls in saying that upfront, face to face. We are becoming more and more judgmental with every passing day. The emotions are eloping. The empathy is gone. I don’t know if any of this makes sense but it surely is true that we would have been a lot more happier than what we are right now had there been no social networking sites. Sure it does help us to stay connected, but staying connected at the sake of losing real time interactions? Is this even worth it? I definitely think not. This would be one thing I wouldn’t mind Modi to ban completely. Sure there would be a brouhaha, but hey look at the bright side, you are getting your fucking life back.

First published here.


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