Achievements or Distractions?

So with trembling feet, a hungry stomach and a tired face, I entered the room. Only one guy was there to take my interview. Not that I REALLY love going for interviews which are ten hours late, but at that moment I loved my sudden urge to pee even more. So I sat in the empty chair with dreams of getting a job without having to pee in pants. He asked me about myself and I told him about the organisation for which I write. He asked me about my internship project and I told him about the organisation in which I interned. He asked me freakishly boring questions and I answered each of them with the same boring expression that I carried when I put my first step in that room. After like half an hour, he asked me to leave. So, I left. Running. Toward the washroom. To pee. And peed. After two minutes, I realised what a blunder that was. Not the pee, but the interview. Anyway, I got selected. Maybe because I never kept quiet in that damn interview. Maybe something else.

That’s about it. This is what I wanted to write since 10th grade. A story about my successful interview. I have read about thousands (read “hundreds”) of interviews and I always wanted to write one. I always wanted my first interview to be worth a memory. This is what happens to you when you have so much expectations. I didn’t feel happy about cracking it. I felt lucky. And that’s one feeling which you don’t want.

We get too excited about certain events. These events lead to distractions. These small achievements turn out to be the biggest obstacles in the path of our goals. I am not saying that these achievements are something we shouldn’t be proud of. Obviously, we should be. But the key is to stay focussed on the long term goal. I did celebrate, eventually. Too much. At the cost of my studies. With all the entrance exams (to get admission in colleges for higher studies) knocking at the door, getting a job turned out to be the worst thing. The trick wasn’t realising your mistake after two weeks and writing a blog post about it. The trick was to enjoy it for a day and get back to the normal routine. But better late than never. Although, my subconscious believes that it’s too late and I’d be another corporate whore in the market getting my ass fucked right after completing the degree. But I’ll try not to make ‘this’ my case. If not anything, these small achievements should be a source of inspiration. I have seen people preparing for MBA/MS and leaving it just because they got a job. I mean what’s the fucking point of studying one whole damn year for that, when all you wanted was a job? The other day I was reading the interview of the GRE topper. The guy is in IISc doing Physics honours. He cleared JEE and didn’t opt for it. Why? Because he wanted a career in Physics. What if he had took admission in some prestigious IIT, and after four years flew to US to be the yet another expensive whore in the corporate sector? He didn’t. He chose wisely. He chose to make his own career. He chose to ignore his JEE rank. And guess what? He did it. The guy would be in Harvard pursuing MS in particle physics. That’s what champions are build of. Don’t let these short-lasting successes affect your long-term goals. For what you know, you might be shutting the door of the bright career that you could have had.

It’s funny how life teaches you certain lessons at the cost of your career. It’s hilarious. But let’s not get distracted. Let’s work towards our own future because it’s OUR future. Stay focussed. Work hard. Stop going after money. Stop being a whore.

P.S: I’d delete this post if I join that job next year.


Necessary editing done by Plabita Dey Sarkar.


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