Positive attitude? Bite me

I am not a pessimist. I know that a positive attitude can do wonders. I have been through certain situations where there were no options left other than being an optimist. I know the power of positive energy and I believe in it. But sometimes, some of us, believe in this power way too much. We often tend to bring ourselves out of a difficult situation just by thinking everything would be fine. We stop bothering. We start relying on that pseudo power. We stop fighting with those situations. That’s where the problem arises. We often tend to mix optimism and apathy. I am not against optimism but when we stop focusing on our problems thinking that everything would be alright, that’s the time when we start taking things for granted. That’s when one should know everything is not going to be alright.

An exam should always be taken with a hundred percent preparation. You can’t take things for granted. Fuck everything and give your best shot. Stop expecting positive results before taking the exam. Stop making castles in the air. Stop living in them. But after giving your best shot, when you bring that optimism while expecting your results, it might do wonders. If not wonders, it would be the only best thing to do. The probability of success would increase. But even if you fail, you wouldn’t feel guilty about not trying enough. Would you?

I remember reading somewhere that Rahul Dravid used to practice 14 hours a day, before a test series, with a chain in his legs, tied to stumps. He did that even before his last test. This had something to do with footwork or I don’t know what but look at the dedication. Everyone knows he had a technique much better than most of the cricketers but still it didn’t stop him from continuing with his routine. He gave his hundred percent. Maybe he wanted to score hundred and even though he didn’t, he never had any regrets about that. You know why? Because he gave his hundred percent.

Don’t cover your half-hearted approach towards life with the fake mask of optimism. It won’t help. When you would fall, the mask would come off. It won’t be a pretty sight, trust me. Also it would be too late to get back on your feet again. Being positive takes nothing, it’s an easy approach to hide your shit from yourself. But to have a realisitic approach, you need some fucking balls, being realisitic would make the difference between you and the finishing line.

So stop deluding yourself and throw that mask now. Life would be much better, even if you fall. It would be fun and more importantly, it would be real.


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