and I don’t hate myself for being this way

I have a weird taste in life. I like reading weird books. Books with simple stories involving no murders. A light humour would be appreciated though. I don’t like reading anything on my tab or online. It hurts my eyes and mostly because  I can’t touch it. I like music. I discover some weird bands. I listen to them at odd hours. I like watching weird movies at 3 AM. I don’t like going out with anyone on a romantic rainy day. I like to stay alone. Maybe write something. Or read. Or listen to the music. Or just stare into the abyss. I don’t like expressing my love for anyone. It creeps me out. I like to drink. But I love to drink only with a certain set of people. I don’t like surprises. I don’t like philosophy. I don’t like philanthrohpists.
I like nature, though. I don’t like preserving it. I think it would do just fine and there is no need to interfere. I crack mean and insensitive jokes. It gives me a sadistic pleasure. Most of the times people overreact because they are the self proclaimed “saviours” of this world. I like to think that no one really cares unless its about them. So those who overreact, I love to piss them off. I hate TV. I like sex but  not to an extent that I would sell my conscience for it. I like to dance. I don’t like to sing. My voice is fucking rough. I like to discover new creepy things. I love birds. I love the sea. I love the sky. I love a starry night. I love occasional lightning.

I hate people who like to put their opinions down my throat. I hate them the most. I like to form my own opinions and even if my opinions are wrong and even if I know it, I don’t want you to correct me. I would like to correct it myself. Well, to think about it, an opinion can’t be wrong. I can listen to you talking for hours but I wouldn’t really be paying any sort of attention. I think that’s my superpower. I hate kids. I hate kids who want to take my phone. I hate relatives. I hate families. I hate get togethers. I hate aunties. I hate weddings. I hate funerals. I hate when new kids are born. I hate evolution. I would like to slow down this world a bit so that every one would enjoy in this moment. Right in this particular moment. I would like to destroy the word future. I would like to burn past. I would like to preserve the present. I tend to enjoy it. And I want to enjoy it always.

I like things. And I hate things. And that’s me.

I am a weird, weird guy and I don’t hate myself for being this way.


14 thoughts on “and I don’t hate myself for being this way

  1. And I like you like this and I’d hate it you changed even a wee bit.
    I have never enjoyed this much, reading someone talking about himself, this much 😀


  2. Was going through your older posts & just found that you too were a kota-ite and upon that I guess from allen too ??!! Anyways me too from delhi , just came this year only to kota in allen for AIEEE. Big fan of your writing & humour indeed nstead of doing modules & race i read your blog ( ya i knw what a dickhead i am) but what to do i feel so lonely out here. Any tips for me how can i come up successful from this fucked up land ??!! Pls add me on twitter Vishal you’ll be a great help for me , you can unfollow later just need to talk to you. I’m @artofdribbling CIAO


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