Goals are not important

Semester exams are over and the results are much awaited; not because I worked hard this time (obviously I did), but because I committed a stupid mistake in one of the exams. Well, if that affects my result, a bloody long post would be there regarding that. So, I won’t go into details about that right now. Meanwhile, the race has begun. Three months remain for the CAT exam. Everyone is keeping an eye on one or the other of the IIMs. A few will succeed. A few will fail and try again. A few will give up. That’s how it always is. Even in life. Only a few succeed. Rest settle for something or the other. A good metaphor it is, if I may say.

Life is funny. We often prioritise those things which don’t matter at all. Trivial things, to be precise. The bigger picture always remains at the background, unnoticed. The smaller things get noticed pretty quickly. But maybe that’s what attracts us. Birds in a cage aren’t picturesque. But birds flying in the sky in a formation look so beautiful. Maybe that’s because of the fact that the background is beautiful. And broad. And vast. Maybe it’s because of the sky that we click the pictures of the flying birds. Maybe the sky is beautiful and the birds aren’t. Well, a lot of explanations could be given and a lot of questions could be raised. But one thing for sure is the background which makes the little things beautiful. So why not aim for the background? Why not have a broader perspective? Why not stay inside the box and look at things? Why not, for once, try to be simple? A good perspective in life may lead us to a different path than we imagined. A path that we thought never existed but was always there. All we had to do was avoid the trivial distractions, or what we often call, “goals”. I don’t think having a goal in life is important. A goal sure does shape our lives in a certain way. But it restricts our minds . It restricts our imagination. When you have a goal, you choose your path accordingly. And at the crossroads of our life, we might choose a path less productive than the optimum path, just because of the fact that it will lead us towards our goal. Well, that’s where our lives start taking its shape.

The other day I was reading about George Carlin and I found a fact that amused me a lot : He never joked. He never cracked a single joke in his life. All he said were things which existed, which people could relate to, which were true. And he did that till the end of his career. Sometimes they were not even funny. But that’s what he did. People loved him. So imagine if he had a “goal” to make people laugh, he wouldn’t have earned even half of the respect that he has earned by now. If we ever come across such a crossroad, the trick is to always choose the best path. It doesn’t matter if it would lead us to our goals, but I am sure as hell it would lead us to somewhere better, that we probably never even thought of. Plus setting a goal, oftener than not, leads to disappointment. We start looking at things with a jaundiced view. We choose what we think we should choose to achieve our goal, and not what we want to, even if we know it may lead to something better. We don’t take the risk. We put ourselves in a position in which we wouldn’t want ourselves to be in.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, I don’t know. All I know is that this one month period has been the biggest wake up call of my life. I don’t have a definite goal now. I don’t want to get into an IIM. Well, I do, but that’s not my goal now. I will just prepare and take one thing at a time. Like they say, let’s stick to the basics. We don’t know what life has planned.

Let’s see for how long I follow this policy before life kicks me in the teeth.


Boring post? Eh. I know. I slept after reading this.


Necessary editing done by Plabita


10 thoughts on “Goals are not important

  1. Its all good as long as you dont use it as an alibi for not giving your 100%, I have been where you are and so trust me when I am telling you this, dont settle for ordinary, dont let your mind tell you that as long as you are satisfied its all ok, after all aint it the whole point of life to be happy and content. Stay hungry, strive for more money, more luxuries, more power. Do what you have to do.


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