Delhi. Kejriwal. Modi. Hypocrisy.

I am not a great analyst of politics because, well, I don’t want to be one. But I do read the newspaper daily. I do know what’s happening around me. I am a discerning reader, to be precise.

I have been observing things keenly for the past few days. The hullabaloo created right after Kejriwal’s resignation was uncalled for. Hullabaloo, according to Merriam Webster, means a situation in which many people are upset and angry about something. Yes, something. I am still trying to figure out what that something is. That something is definitely not Kejriwal or Modi. It might be their low IQs.

There are guys on Twitter and Facebook who are constantly opposing Kejriwal’s actions. From forming a government to dissolving one, they have been criticising each and every step that Kejriwal takes. I don’t know why. Maybe because they are Modi cocksuckers or Rahul Gandhi fans. If latter is true, then RIP India. I was scrolling through my twitter TL this morning and it was very sad to see how some people were arrogantly trying to prove that Modi’s cock is the best and in that process, they were putting a question mark on their cocks. I mean I get it that you are a die hard Modi fan and you will not leave his bra until he becomes the Prime Minister, but what’s with this obsession of putting Kejriwal down? I mean, for God’s sake, when the likes of Barkha Dutt, Sardesai and Prasoon Vajpayee weren’t able to find a question in which he stammered for even a second, how can you phoney pricks dare to mislead people around you by stating the wrong facts? Yes these bastards have got their share of followers. So yes, they do influence a very small percentage of people. This guy, the other day, was questioning why Kejriwal is still living in government’s residence. I mean, 1. Do you even know he is NOT living in a government’s residence? 2. Is this question even relevant when the other party members live in 5 star hotels for years? 3. Do you even read newspapers or watch TV? Because I can remember Kejriwal saying that he doesn’t have a house of his own, and he is willing to pay the rent of the house (which is not the government’s) for like 6 months. The guy has got a family, you assholes. So first try to think twice before you utter any bullshit. There were many more of such irrelevant and disturbing questions which got on my nerves.

Now let’s just shed some light on the topic of whether his resignation was unfair and if he was running away from his responsibilities!

When Kejriwal won 28 seats and BJP didn’t get the majority, the Congress gave him an unconditional support. Now, Kejriwal never ASKED for the support. So till the time Kejriwal wasn’t forming the government, the same asshole pricks I mentioned above were blaming him for running away from responsibilities. The day he took the responsibility, these pricks played and replayed and replayed that tape of him swearing on his children of not taking Congress’s support ever. Just plain hypocrisy. Do you guys even have a stand? Are you aware that your asses are clearly situated right in your mouth, spewing all that shit? Have you guys seen a doctor? Well, leave that. Kejriwal agreed to take the support but clearly stated that if the Congressis don’t support and pass the JLB, he will fucking resign. Which he did, on valentines day. He stood by his words, he stood by his agenda. And these pricks again started blaming him for running away from his responsibilities. I don’t understand why, WHY these pro modi fanbois are behaving like they have got no IQ, no stand, and no pride. If nothing else, all they got is Kejriwal sarkari bungalow me reh raha hai. I mean guys, get up and feel the wind. You are making no fucking point. It’s better you shut up. May God bless you with some brains.

I had to get this thing out of me. Fuck you. I never wished to write anything about politics but seeing so much of misplaced hatred made me sick. Weltschmerz is the word probably. It’s disheartening to see how people are raising questions against a guy who is willing to give anything for a corruption free India. Accusing him just because he is one of you is not how this system is going to change. I am not asking you to support him, I am just asking you to stop the irrelevant and non sense blabbering you guys are doing in the name of political debates. Be logical. Be smart. After all, no one wants to be Rahul Gandhi.


37 thoughts on “Delhi. Kejriwal. Modi. Hypocrisy.

  1. Good Article. Just like you, I am too not very much interested in politics. However, I do have some knowledge on the subject which you have written.

    1. Do you even know he is NOT living in a government’s residence?

    Ans: I don’t know but as per Times Now, he did applied for 2 govt bungalows immediately after elections. Prior to elections, he promised that he won’t live/accept govt bungalows.

    2. Is this question even relevant when the other party members live in 5 star hotels for years?

    Ans: Yes many MPs/MLAs shamelessly live luxurious life at the tax payers money but please remember that it was Kejriwal who proactively promised that he won’t accept govt bungalow or car. If you are promising something then it is natural that people will expect you to deliver on your promises.

    3. Do you even read newspapers or watch TV? Because I can remember Kejriwal saying that he doesn’t have a house of his own, and he is willing to pay the rent of the house (which is not the government’s) for like 6 months.

    Ans: Wow!! This is news for me. I have some news for you too.

    “According to the affidavit, the value of the movable and immovable assets of Kejriwal and his wife Sunita Kejriwal is worth Rs.2,10,48,389.

    In his affidavit filed with the returning officer, Kejriwal said he has two flats in his name, at Indirapuram, Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh) worth Rs.55 lakh and at Shivani in Haryana worth Rs.37 lakh.

    She owns a house in Gurgaon near Delhi worth Rs.1 crore.”

    I want to comment on so many thing but leave it. He is no longer a CM. I thought he will complete his probation period (6 months) but he resigned in 49 days. Underperfoming CM?


  2. Since you wrote like this.. I’ll reply in your manner and hopefully you’ll have guts to approve the comment..

    listen Kejriwal-shit-for-brains asshole,

    Congress never said they will support Jan Lokpal Bill in whatever manner Kejri asshole brings it. In response to 18 questions that Keji asshole sent to Congress, Congress clearly mentioned that 16 of them were of executive nature (thus Congress support not needed), while the issue of Jan Lokpal was OUTSIDE THE PURVIEW OF DELHI GOVERNMENT. You fucking claim to read newspapers.. google and find out what exactly Congress replied.

    It clearly shows that Congress was non-committal on Jan Lokpal.. still Kejri asshole went on and formed government with Congress support. While taking referendum, why didn’t Kejri asshole ask this “Guys, Congress is non-committal on Jan Lokpal, should we STILL form the government?” No, he was interested in fooling chutiyas like you.

    If Jan Lokpal was so dear, and Congress never gave unequivocal support, why did Kejri kutta form the government?

    Let me tell you why.. Kejri kutta formed the government for publicity.. announce populist decisions that will empty government exchequers, and when he realised that governemnt was running out of money, he ran away.


  3. Hey you fuckin bitch. If all others are Modi’s cock sucker,you are definitely Kejriwal’s whore. First learn all the facts , you are also believing what media says. So you hooker hypocrite, what’s the difference. People like you just know how to blog on there parents paid macbooks cos you have silver spoons high up in your asshole. So stop fucking all AAP members around, you dumb piece of shit.


  4. “The worst illiterate is the political illiterate, he doesn’t hear, doesn’t speak, nor participates in the political events. He doesn’t know the cost of life, the price of the bean, of the fish, of the flour, of the rent, of the shoes and of the medicine, all depends on political decisions. The political illiterate is so stupid that he is proud and swells his chest saying that he hates politics. The imbecile doesn’t know that, from his political ignorance is born the prostitute, the abandoned child, and the worst thieves of all, the bad politician, corrupted and flunky of the national and multinational companies”.


  5. First up, referring to those who do not support Kejriwal are cocksuckers shows your manners. For AAP-tards dignity is alien. I have always said this and the likes of you prove it.
    Secondly the criticism is warranted. according to the laws of our constitution, a bill cannot be passed in Delhi. Kejriwal and his bunch of tards might think he is above the constitution, but most of us don’t. Since he did not approve it he advised the assembly not to table the bill for discussion. For Lt.Gov.najeeb Jung’s letter to the Delhi assembly, see the link below

    Be it Prashant Bhushans call for plebscite in Kashmir, Kejriwal expressing solidarity with Batla House terrorists(, Durbar that nearly ended in stampede, Dharna for protecting spammer(, pornman( Somnath Bharti whose mob justice against foreign nationals put our country to shame, Anjali Damaniya saying the likes of Dawood can be AAP members(, waiving off bills of power bill defaulters, the ex-Delhi govt and their chiefminister has been a failure in every sense of the word. For someone who enthusiasticly supported India Against Corruption campaign and hoped the likes of Kejriwal would bring sea-changes in Indian political system, I am outraged at the antics of AAP and I am glad their reign of anarchy has ended.


    • Thank you for all the research that you did but let’s be honest here: NO ONE GIVES A FUCK.
      But still, thank you 🙂
      (Sorry for the rudeness. Can’t find any other way to say this out loud and make it look rude at the same time)


  6. Your first sentence is correct!
    You shouldn’t have been tried to write it.
    But it seems your fucking muther is Kejriwal’s cocksucker so u can write this. And his semen in your sister’s anal compelled you to write this fucking piece of shit in order to satisfy those 2 whores!


  7. Maybe it’s your writing style, but wouldn’t it be better if you could watch the language, or maybe i am too old to understand the world of blogging…..just saying….


  8. The state of Indian politics is so shit that poor Kejriwal even if he wants to do good needs to find “clean politicians” which do not exist. I really hope he wins LS elections but then again India was never meant to be a smart country… its an overpopulated country where the rich like to get richer and the poor get poorer and account for more than 50% of the votes so there is always the chance a dumbass like Rahul G can still win. Most of the Modi support is simply anti-Congress support which is truly justified but still feel Kejriwal with a few good others may be able to rescue the country which has completely gone to the dogs… (40% of all resumes received abroad for Job applications are from Indians in India!!!!)


  9. What a poorly and mis guided article written by another AAP andh bhakt.
    Sir, please get your facts correct first before saying ‘fuck-off’ to any one who does not agree with you. You mentioned Kejari as ‘against a guy who is willing to give anything for a corruption free India’ who says so? Mr Kejari and why should everyone believe him? Just because you believe him? Sir, with due respect it you who is suffering from low IQ.
    And Modi or No Modi, fact is Kejari andh-bhakt are always trying to prove that Kejari shit is something that should be eaten.
    Another fact you need to learn is that Kejari DID ask for support from both Congis and BJP and congis were glad to give it to him. If he was so much interested in stablizing Delhi, why did he not gave support to largest party? He instead wanted power for himself so used it as launchpad for LS. And then was this JLP suppose to end Povert, give employment, remove terrorism or other thing were also required? If yes then why did he ran off instead of governing delhi over just one bill? He is just a power hungry opportunist politician and you sadly are, sorry to say, his ass-licker.


  10. Um.. I am not that much into politics, where I can give my opinions about this or that minister.. All I know is that leaving your post within 2 or 3 months, just after coming into the power is not justified anywhere. It states that you are not a responsible person because you can’t decide what you want to do/be. Do you want to be a C.M. or a P.M. ..?? P comes after C. So, in order to be a P.M. of so called “THE CORRUPT INDIA” first show us; WHAT you can do to remove “THE CORRUPTION” and HOW “FAR” your measures can take us…?? And you got an opportunity in the heart of “THE CORRUPT INDIA”. Sigh..!! And THEY/HE blew it MAN… PUFF..!!
    In the end I would like to state this:
    – First rough sketches are drawn to accomplish a perfection in masterpiece.
    – We practice numericals first at home before attempting them exams.

    I guess, I have made my point here.


  11. Tell me one statement where Kejriwal says ‘before’ forming the govt that he will resign if JLP bill is not passed. Secondly, Kejriwal resigned within a week of his government ordering a probe and filing an FIR against irregularities in the CWG preparations which would have indicted Sheila Dixit. Why didn’t he lead one of the biggest scams in India’s history to its conclusion when he was in a position to do so or at least force the Central government to do so? Instead he decided to quit the government rather than face embarrassment with his own MLA’s rising against him. He saved Sheila Dixit’s neck as well as make the mutiny within AAP inconsequential by the simple step of resigning citing JLP as he knew he couldn’t even table JLP in the Assembly without the consent of his state ally in the Centre, Congress. But no he wouldn’t blame it on Congress, but on ‘BJP & Congress’. And now of course CWG, 2G is history for AAP.


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