Advani demands Bharat Ratna for himself, says will not let Vajpayee take this thing alone!

L.K. Advani, former cum current cum former member of BJP, has demanded a Bharat Ratna for himself. Advani, who showed up as the Chief Guest for the All India Dreamy Boys Samellan revealed yet another dream of his while talking to the press. He said, “If Vajpayee deserves it, then I definitely deserve it”.

Why Vajpayee? 

On asking why Vajpayee deserves this, he said, “Because Rajeev Gandhi received this honour. And if Rajeev Gandhi deserves this, then everyone deserves it”. Advani, who also holds the world record for being PM-in-waiting for the most number of years, looked quite pissed with the BJP committee.

“I am not letting you take this one alone, mate.” Advani  is supposed to have said to Vajpayee.

Vajpayee on the other hand said “Ye acchi…”. His speech has been telecast for two days now. Lets hope that he will complete his sentence by the end of this week. Ravi Shankar Prasad clarified the issue and said each and every BJP member is a Bharat Ratna and they don’t need any special trophy to prove it.

Sibal, the chief of UPA’s Bharat Ratna committee

If rumors are to be believed, UPA has formed a committee to decide the criteria for Bharat Ratna. Kapil Sibal, the chief of this committee, tweeted that Bharata Ratna is a zero loss policy and we are definitely not using it to increase our vote bank. This joke is trending at number four all over India, revealed the Twitter chief.

Babas for Bharat Ratna?

Earlier in his rally, Modi warmed the election pitch. In a rally in Gorakhpur, he said all the saints and babas deserve Bharat Ratna and he will fight for this until they get it. Asaram Bapu remained unavailable for the comment.

All said and done, if that’s how they will distribute the Bharat Ratna, we think Sachin would have been happier if he hadn’t received this honour at all.

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