Sunny Leone decides to be Down to Earth; Blow to Modi

Sunny Leone, an actress with a well known face body, and the brand ambassador of India’s Ministry of Porn and Inter-anal Affairs, has confirmed that she will not sign any movie in which the script demands the exposure of her face body. Jism-2′s actress said that she feels uncomfortable in doing bold scenes … especially, if it’s a Bollywood movie. After this statement, a big packet of guffaw was passed among the fellow reporters who were present in the Conference room. When we asked her why she refused to kiss Randeep Hooda, she said, “I didn’t feel like it was going somewhere”. On which Randeep said, “She is stating the truth, it wasn’t”. We are still having a hard time trying to figure out exactly what was going and where.


Our sources revealed that it was all a drama, as she had to endorse a site on the same day on which she was asked to Kiss Mr.Hooda. The name of the site is not confirmed yet but we are pretty sure that the content must be overflowing. In other news, two Congress MLAs, who had no idea what the question was, are saying that this decision will be a blow to Modi. This statement was taken in the right wrong sense by Modi, and after hearing this, the Bal-Bhramachari Prime Ministerial candidate jumped 2002 feet above the ground. It’s our sincere advice to Modi to not jump to 2002 again, unless it’s really important. BJP (BJ-Party) confirmed that they had nothing to do with the issue, and the Congressmen are just over-hyping it. They also demanded that the PM give his resignation, because one of the party members had a severe tooth ache.


L.K Advani, for the first time, wasn’t really happy when the Congressmen associated ‘Blow to Modi’ with this Sunny Leone news. He was pissed with Modi, and personally went to Leone’s place to clarify the issue. We think Advani’s dreams of becoming PM are wet nowadays. The issue was blown out of proportion when Lalit Modi demanded that Congressmen clarify which Modi they are talking about as he was admitted to Leelavati Hospital a day before, because of a heart attack caused by the extreme levels of anxiety and happiness. Rahul Gandhi was unavailable for the comment. Maybe because the topic being discussed wasn’t appropriate for the royal baby.

First published here.


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