Life is changing so fast!

Me: “Yaar ise mat bhejo, ball khelne se pehle hi wicket hit ho jaayega” Friend: “Nahi hounga bhai, jaane de na please. Pichli baar bhi batting nahi aayi thi”

Me:”Accha ja aur sale teen ball to tik ke aaiyo kam se kam”

*goes* *gets out on the first ball* *comes back*

Me: “Aajao beta, tumse na hoga”

Life is changing so fast.

It’s been three years now. The memory is fading. There were some abuses, I am sure, but I can’t remember all of them. What I remember is, we used to play. For hours. In the bright sun. Without getting tired. I used to have a life, you know. But it’s gone. We have grown up. Boards, entrances, colleges, semesters, all of them have created a gap in our friendship. The brouhaha of life which used to make us dance around in joy, is irritating the shit out of us now.

After school, we promised to be in touch and blah and blooh and this and that. But eventually, everyone got busy. Still we met. Once in a week, which later changed to once in a month which further changed to once in six months. The last time I saw him, or my school group, was..umm, on my 19th birthday. I am 20 now. And it’s not anyone’s fault. We have been keeping ourselves busy. And I was fine with that until yesterday.

I talked to this “hit-wicket” guy because everyone was writing Congrats on his timeline. I asked him what’s the matter. He said that he has been offered a job in UK. The pay is pretty fancy too. The guy was happy. So were his parents. So was I. Very.

But it was also sad. I don’t know why. I can’t say that I’ll miss him because I didn’t meet him for more than a year. I have no right to say that. And as I said, we were busy. But still, something was sad. I congratulated him and asked for a treat, although I wasn’t really interested in a treat. I don’t know why. I closed the chat. Logged out.

I started to think. I started to think about where I am gonna end up with these pathetic marks highlighted by not one nor two or even three, but four back logs. What would I do? When will I meet him again? Should I ask him to bring an iPhone for me? Would I earn enough money to buy an iPhone? Will I make my parents proud? Will I make myself proud? How am I gonna study? When will I study?

Sometimes, your own failure is a wake up call and sometimes, someone’s success becomes the biggest wake up call you can ever get. The latter was true in my case. There is a path to success, which is lost somewhere in the mess that I’ve created around myself. That path is a bit clearer now. I am sad that I ruined some years of my life, but I am inspired. I don’t know if I’d get a fancy package or anything like my friend, but I have decided to give it a shot. Who knows, maybe life has got something good planned for me too. The guy who used to get out on the first ball in cricket, scored a sixer on the first ball in real life.

By the way, I just came back after seeing off the guy at the airport. He offered me his burger as a treat. I ate it like a kid. He wished me success instead of saying “Tumse na hoga”. I smiled. I was happy for him. Funny how you get inspired by the littlest of the things that you face in day to day life. I’ll miss him, though. But that’s a part of life. I’ll manage.

I know this is not the kind of post you guys expect me to write but what the hell man, it’s my blog.

Stay tuned for another Ripped apart ad. Brb, exams.


14 thoughts on “Life is changing so fast!

  1. I have been following your blog from quite sometime.Although I did not read much of the posts,but this one is so relatable.I had been through the same kind of situation a month back when my best friend was leaving for his masters abroad to some good university.It actually made me hit rock bottom,moreover I was sad to be parted from my best friend.Indeed someone else’s success becomes a wake up call.So,now from past one month I have been doing everything in the right direction with the right energy and attitude.I know I might not have the same life as my friend’s but I feel content by my own improvements now.

    Loved this post.As soon as I read this blog post,it was a deja vu kind of situation.So i couldn’t resist from commenting!:P 🙂


    • Thank you Prerna for leaving the comment. I know that the post is relatable.
      I don’t know what to say but since you wrote a long comment, so I wished to write a long one too. But since I don’t have anything to say, I’d like to stop here.

      P.S: Do share if you like it.

      P.S.S: Do read all the posts. I am awesome.

      Thank you 🙂


  2. I can so relate to this, V.
    Reminds me of this dialogue in 3 Idiots: ‘Dost fail ho jaye toh dukh hota hai … lekin dost first aa jaye toh jyada dukh hota hai.’

    I can say, been there done that. I’m glad you got the wake up call you needed.

    Trust me, you’ll be telling your kids this story after a few years and you will laugh. For now, focus. Make life yours. Study, work hard to achieve your goals and you really will be fine.

    Good luck, hope you achieve everything you want in life.


  3. I am reading your blog after so many days.. I loved reading this one. A very heart touching post 🙂

    Don’t worry, I have 3 backlogs too. But nothing pulls me back.. Like your friend, you will be successful as well 🙂


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