When a kid exchanged his parents’ mobile phones for the Idea Ad

Idea is probably the only brand which has invested more money on making the ads than on improving their “abhi-bhi-nahi-aa-raha” network signal. Undoubtedly, their ads have attracted people and they have also surely left a “mark” on the whole business of advertising over these years. Let’s call it a “scar”.

Recently I saw this new ad of Idea where thankfully, Abhishek Bachchan wasn’t there, which took me through mixed emotions. Like I was lying somewhere between “Happy” and “Very Happy”. Okay, let’s leave Abhishek Bachchan for a while; everyone’s picking up on him. So the ad was something like a kid decided to interchange the mobile phones of his father and mother for a day. Then as the day went on, his mother attended the calls of his father and his father did the same for the mother. Strangely, no call ever started with any sort of hellohi or anything. People just called them up and abused or whatever and disconnected. And this thing continued for a whole day. At the end of the day, those guys magically realized that both of them were equally busy and hardworking.

First of all, no Indian Kid would ever do this to his parents because:

1. He is not interested enough in their lives.

2. He is SO not interested enough in their lives.

Secondly, no kaamwaali will ever inform you that she will be on a leave for the next two days. Seriously? What do you think are they? Fools? Shiney Ahuja? What?!

Third, no guy will ever make the mistake of not hearing a sexy woman’s voice from the receiver, no matter how big a position he is at or however busy he may be. We have this inbuilt horni-ness in us.

Fourth, now what, seriously, they go a whole day without saying any word on the mobile?! Who are you? Manmohan Singh?

Fifth, no, no matter how senti we may get, a husband will NEVER make tea for his wife. We are egoistic and we are egoistic enough to not accept that we are egoistic.

Sixth, no kid will EVER give his dad’s mobile to his father just like that. Seriously? No beer pics in your mobile? No messages with random kisses? Why on earth would anyone do that?!

Apparently, inspired by this ad, a guy decided the same. Forget about the beating the kid earned at night as a reward, his parents were on the urge of getting a divorce. The calls went like this:

On the mother’s phone (which was with the kid’s dad):

First call: Madam ji, main aa raha hoon, kapde nikaal ke rakhna. (apparently this was a call from the laundry.)
Second call: Ma’am, your credit card statement for this month has been mailed to your account. Do you want us to deliver an SMS to your husband’s phone? Its 75k anyway.
Third Call: Aur Seema, how is your sex life going now? Your husband still dances with that towel every time before sex? Are you still faking orgasms?

On the father’s phone (which was with the kid’s mother):

First call: Beer peene chalein aaj sham ko?
Second call: Beer peene chalein aaj sham ko?
Third call: Beer peene chalein aaj sham ko?
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9 thoughts on “When a kid exchanged his parents’ mobile phones for the Idea Ad

  1. I was going to ask the same damn question as Neha! Pretty sure, the girlfriend helped! Anyway, it was funny! 😀
    “Madam ji, main aa raha hoon, kapde nikaal ke rakhna.” Hilarious!
    Also, I always wondered why didn’t one call the other up as soon as they realized what had happened.


  2. No, girlfriend didn’t help. My school group consisted of 5 girls and a guy who was gay. So, umm..you can call me a girl :/
    And thank you. I knew you’d comment 🙂
    But I expected it on the latest one. Nevermind.


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