Student gets his passport 2 yrs after he applied; sues govt for unemployment

Yes. Indeed. A young engineering student, Rahul, who had applied for a passport in his second year has received it just two days back. He is now about to complete his B. Tech. course. The bad thing is, he had applied for the passport after being offered an internship in Greece, but now, it’s too late. Rahul has now filed an FIR against the government under Rajiv Gandhi No Employment Act, blaming the government as a cause for his unemployment.

In an interview with us, an emotionally wrecked Rahul broke down. He said, “My parents worked really hard to ensure that I complete my B. Tech from a renowned wealthy private college so that I can have a job afterwards, but now everything is shattered. I am applying for euthanasia now.” He also blamed it on the passport agencies, saying, “I was the only nerd who got selected for a foreign internship in my entire college. So to pursue it, I applied for a passport. But my passport never came. I re-checked, re-applied and tried to contact every agency, but nothing helped. Had I been able to do that internship, I would’ve got the job in my final year because of the work experience… no point in talking about it now. Go. Please.”

When we went to his college to check the veracity of his statements, we weren’t surprised. Everything he had said was true. Rahul, unlike some guys having the same name, was a bright student. He was even awarded a scholarship in Greece for his internship.

Rahul, who is working with an NGO now, is not willing to forget the things that happened to him. He has been doing a protest at India Gate this week, and is considering a hunger strike this weekend at India Gate if the government doesn’t take any quick action to please him.

Meanwhile the BJP has blamed it all on the name; it also said that since Rahul is the name, Congress will surely do something. “This will be a biased case and he will be given a job,” said a BJP spokesperson, who also asked the Prime Minister to resign because he didn’t wake up at 5 this morning. But even after all this name-blame-game, when we wondered why the job hasn’t been granted yet despite the week-long protest, we were surprised, until the guy revealed his full name: Rahul Modi.

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