Give a man a fish!

How this phrase “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day” would have been, if fish were given to different persons:


Give Pitbull a fish and he will have a song called Pitbull feat Fish.


Salman Khan:

Give Salman Khan a fish and he will keep it on the road and will run over it.



Give a BJP spokesperson a fish and he will say how UPA has been giving fish to everyone, and aren’t passing bills.
Also, they will ask PM to resign. Because..oh forget it..they don’t need any reason for this.



Give a Congressi a fish and they will praise Rahul Baba for being such a sport and getting that fish.
Also, they will blame BJP because a lot of fish were killed in 2002 Godhra Kand, in that aquarium which was burnt by BJP supporters.


Tushar Kapoor:

Give Tushar Kapoor a fish and fish will attempt suicide. Because “Fish ki bhi koi life hai yaar”.


Digvijay Singh:

Give Digvijay singh a fish and he will blame RSS for taking that  fish out of aquarium at the first place.



Give Mayawati a fish and she will blame SP for killing all the elephants and handing her all the fish.


Kumar Sanu:

Give Kumar Sanu a fish and all the autowalas will be happy. Because Kumar Sanu may write a song about it. And they may get the golden opportunity to play it.


Mamta Banerjee:

Give Mamta Banerjee a fish and she will ask for some bhaat and will eat it . Because Bong.


Suresh kalmadi:

Suresh kalmadi is smart. He will ask Americans to lease him a dead fish for the price of twenty aquariums.


Pratibha Patil:

Give Pratibha Patil a fish and she will take it with her on foreign tours.


Manmohan Singh:

Give Manmohan Singh a fish and he will eat it, Silently.



Dalits will get two fish.


Common Man:

Give common man a fish and government will take it from him.


Give Chaddiman a fish and he will shove it up in his ass. Just Kidding. No, seriously.


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