An open letter to all Chaddi Fans

Dear readers/fans (if any),

Checking your mails and keeping your mailbox updated are two completely different things.  One involves opening a mail, reading it and replying; the other one involves ‘opening your mail, reading it a bit, then going back, and deleting’ * 1000, tough job. Now you guys must be wondering if I am a troglodyte or something who is still using E-mails to communicate. Well, in that case, I am. Texting, Whatsapp-ing, DM-ing, or Messaging on Facebook is way too mainstream and of course, informal. Feel bhi nahi aati waha, to be precise. So, yes as I was clearing my unwanted mails which happened to make their way to my inbox rather than spam folder, I saw this mail from someone *email address not to to be disclosed*, saying
“Waiting for your blogs. It’s been two months now. Write something, Chaddiman.


A Chaddi fan ”

After reading this mail, I was flabbergasted for two reasons:
1. I have a fan.
2. I have a reader.

Well, I just wanna thank you for reading my blog, and in fact a bigger Thank You for having an urge to read some more of that crap. You have balls of steel / vagina of iron. THANK YOU!
Secondly, I just wanna apologise for not updating my blog too often. It’s just, you know, I have a life. Just kidding, actually I am a bit  busy writing for News That Matters Not (here is the link if you wanna read), and some regional magazines, etc. And I have a girlfriend too.

So, I was sort of avoiding my blog. But better late than never, from now on I’ll update my blog  as frequently as possible. Mere fans mujhe bahut pyaare hai, babu moshay. Chahe ek do hi kyu na ho.

So just stay updated.


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2 thoughts on “An open letter to all Chaddi Fans

  1. Now Now Now…What a thing to say, Mr.Chaddiman!
    Apart from your pseudo name being CHaddi-oriented, you take “having a girlfriend” to be an excuse for not blogging? tch tch! Yeh sunne se pehle, WP ke chairman ne chaddi pehenna chhod kyu nahi dia.. 😛
    Cheers to Craziness~!


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