I completely blame this girl!

Abhijeet Mukherjee: 

What’s basically
happening in Delhi is a lot like Egypt or
elsewhere, where there’s something called the Pink Revolution, which has very little connection with ground realities. In India, staging candle-lit marches, going to discotheques – we did all this during our student life too, we were students too – I know very well what kind of character students should have. Those who claim to be
students – I can see many beautiful women among them – highly dented-painted – they’re giving interviews on TV, they’ve brought their children to show them the scenes. I have grave doubts whether they’re actually students, because women of that age are generally not students.”

An Andhra Pradesh MP: “Why are you going out at night wearing such outrageous clothes? Do you want to get raped? “

Not shocking? Right?

No. It’s not shocking at all. I completely blame this girl.
I completely blame this girl for going out at night with her boyfriend knowing that she can be raped in this city. Maybe she thought that she was safe because her boyriend was accompanying her. But poor you Damini, you should have thought that you can be gangraped too. You know, like there would be six men with rods waiting to pounce on you. You should’ve thought of something like this and should have feared going out by imagining this scene. But she didn’t. So it happened. As simple as that. More like now she has set an example for every girl in this city that after 9 P.M in Delhi, don’t dare to put a foot outside your house. After 9 P.M, Delhi is not a republic, it is rape-ublic. Humanity converts into monstrosity after nine.

I completely blame this girl because she boarded a bus. To be more specific, a school bus. She actually asked for the lift. How can she do that. Wasn’t she already bored of hearing the stories of different cases which have happened in buses with tinted glasses? That was completely irresponsible on her part. It’s like you are asking for a rape when you are in Delhi if you are a girl, its night, and you think of boarding an empty bus with black windows. Which man wouldn’t rape in such a heavenly situation. Sorry to say but, Dear girl, as our politicians said previously, You ASKED for it.

I completely blame this girl for choosing Delhi as the city of her dreams. Did she think that she can actually work as an intern here? This girl, I tell you, like any other girl, is SO naive. It’s Delhi. DELHI. When a baby girl cries at night, her mother scares her to sleep by saying that soja nahi to Delhi ke ladke aajayenge. She could have easily pursued her MBBS in Tata Memorial, Mumbai.

I completely blame this girl just for the fact that she was born as a girl. Moreover I want to meet her parents. I mean why, why on this earth, specially in this country did they give birth to a female child? Weren’t they aware of the popular trend ‘female foeticide’? It’s the ‘in’ thing all over India. Troglodytes, I tell you. Okay I get this thing that a father wants a daughter more than a son. But dude, she was 21. Fucking twenty one. That’s like she lived three years more than her legal age of marriage. You should’ve got your daughter married a long back. Then this wouldn’t have even happened. You are at fault, Sir.

I completely blame this girl to give rise to this youth revolution in India. Like Abhijeet Mukherjee said previously, this is just a pink revolution. Rapes are happening daily. I completely understand the shock which our politicians are going through. Our politicians must be feeling like ‘why are these guys creating a fuss about it, our youth has never done this before in the past 65 years that we have had power. Why this time? That too when our winter holidays are going on.’ Shinde was spotted saying that ‘Fuck it man. I even cancelled my Canada trip with Putin. Kya karu me in logo ka Madam G’.
I even heard that her parents reported an FIR for the same. Like seriously, didn’t his father listen to this young policeman:

Mr. Yogender Singh Tomar, (Additional SHO, Sector 39, Noida) had to say
when asked that how easy is it for a rape
victim to come up and approach the cops-
“Aasaan nahi hota uske liye. Bezzati se sabhi darti hai. Akhbaar baazi se bhi darti hai. Asliyat main wahin aati hai jo dhande main lipti hoti hai.” 

Didn’t he listen to him? If he did, then by reporting an FIR what was he trying to prove? Ki uski beti Dhande me lipti hai? Must have been a heartache for the old man.

Yes. Yes. Yes. I totally blame that girl for taking birth in India, for showing us all that humanity has ended a long time ago, for shaking our souls and asking us to wake up, for creating this huge uproar in media, for bringing tears in my eyes while writing this. Yes. I totally blame that girl.


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