For engineering is an honourable profession!

Romans, numerics, alphas and Engineers..

Here I come to bury you(in boredom), not to praise engineering..

For engineering is an honourable profession.

No matter how hard you try to achieve,

failure is the ultimate achievement,

but do lend me your (t)ears,

I come to bury the Engineering-ism.

Not because it sucks..but because its an honourable profession.

A night before the exam is what it all takes,

in converting a happy guy to a fucked up case,

for Electronics has always been soooo easy,

not because we love it,

but cause we cunt(cant) hate it,

here I come to praise the world’s toughest course,

for it has always been inspiring for the world(other than engineers, for sure),

So it is. So it will be. An honourable course.

Alas, my words fail to describe,

how easy it is to break codes in “C”,

to boast of a nation with no real engineers,

like troglodytes I see there and here, over and again;

a feeling of weltschmerz knocks my heart, over and again;

for our teachers say everyone except the engineer deserves a chance to fail,

and, our teachers are honorable men!

The world around me shatters,

like pieces of a mirror in my shadow,

I look up into the sky,

searching for my why,

why its me, not any CA;

why its me, not any BA;

wherein lies the goddamn freedom?

I look back, there is zilch,

a door of last hope has fallen in the river of failure,

and all I can see are the notes besides me,

and Yes i have to study,

not because I want to,

but to raise the pride of this breed , full of greed.

For engineering is an honourable profession.

P.S- Thank you Shakespeare, for providing the template. You are a real inspiration.

P.S.S: A nice little try to use the template and make it look like shit 😛


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