Socialized Digitalization- Downfall of an era!

The technology, the electronic media, the internet, all of these, were developed to save our time. This statement has become a paradox in itself. The day is not far when this statement will lose its veracity and people will literally think in the opposite way.

Nowadays, people are often found busy on their cellphones, iPads, and other gadgets. Their adroitness now is seen in the games they play, not in the things they do.

‘ Something keeps me awake, something
outside is stirring
Through the dark and over the grass
The rabbits and snakes are concurring’

I was surfing Facebook the other day, which is to say I was clicking on everyone’s and anyone’s profile links which I could see. All I concluded from this little activity was that we have shortened our circle, narrowed our minds, cropped our ideas and blackened our emotions. We have learned to settle. The urge, the curiosity to find something new, to find something which will make us happy is gone. We have learned to be happy. In our purest sense of mind, we aren’t happy at all. We are becoming a part of a society which isn’t real. We are doing things to attract people. We want to be an attraction magnet. We want to leave a mark on this society , something which proves “I did this or that” or “I am the one”, and during this process its a very sad realization that some people are so intent on leaving their mark on the world that they don’t care if that mark is a scar.

‘Come and find me on this floor
I am only a half, truth be told ‘

The other day I was hanging out with some of my friends on one of my friend’s birthday. We went to some historical place. At night. The view was beautiful. I went there to enjoy. To enjoy anything and everything. So as a tradition, we clicked a photograph of us. Then we clicked another one. Then another one. And there were pics and pics with fake smiles and weird poses. Even the monument was feeling ashamed. I walked out of the frame and sat on a bench. They were still clicking pics. Strange it was but no one noticed me. They were busy. Very busy. Half an hour passed and we went back home. There was nothing to remember. No memory. Even if there was one, they buried it in the photographs. The pics were uploaded. Asap. Many liked. Some ignored. They edited it. They cropped it. They gave it a fade effect. Indeed. The memories were cropped. They will fade soon. We settled for superficial happiness. No one ever looked back at those pics. No point was proven. Zero fucks were given. The birthday remained a mystery in itself. The guy who held the camera was never there in that memory. The memory was never there in the memory..and everything else was cropped.

‘ I don’t hear music, don’t hear anything
I see dirt, I see cement
What a troubled world it is when you’re
outside arms length’

We socialize too much in the virtual world. We want to show people so much. We want to share so much. In the process of socializing we have skipped the clocks which were meant for us. We have socialized so much that we don’t even remember what we used to feel about stuff. Our ‘about me’ include quotes, our profile pics need editing, our relationship status ‘tag’ depicts that no one can ever try for us, our life is a mere impression of the lives of the people we think we admire. There is no space for little things called trust, no space for emotions, no space for living. We have learned to breathe. And all we do is breathing.

I don’t know who I was. I don’t know who I will be. All I know is the present needs some editing, some cropped emotions, a smiling face, few branded clothes and done. Ready to publicize, in the world which so does not care about anything you do. The socialized digitalization has flawed our dreams. But we have learned to settle in AC couches. We have learned to play Temple Run. We have learned to stay happy. We have learned to accept.

The dream of living is gone and I have become comfortably numb.


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5 thoughts on “Socialized Digitalization- Downfall of an era!

  1. You just .. Spoke .. Scratch that.. You just wrote what was on my mind. Incredible post. P.S- I am such a hypocrite. I love your post and I agree with it. Yet, I continue to wear all these designer labeled apparel, shoes, shades, watches and carry a designer purse. Travel around the world. Take pictures. Crop, edit and post on fb. I am officially depressed.


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