Sachin becomes the first man on a wheelchair to score a century!

Sachin becomes the first man on a wheelchair to score a century!
Sachin Tendulkar completed his 187th odi ton yesterday, on a wheelchair.
It was a special ton. Yet again.
Sachin went to London a year ago for his knee operation, heart surgery, tennis elbows, badminton forearms and golfy golfy eyes.
He was declared fit a month ago.
Yesterday, 23rd March 2081, has now been etched in the history of cricket when he quickly ran with his wheelchair for that single and completed his century.
In the post match ceremony, he dedicated his hundred to his father. This is now the hundreth hundred that he has dedicated to his father. Which is a record in itself. Anyone close to it is his son, with 51 tons. Seems like his whole family is a dedicated family. Towards cricket and fathers, of course.Sachin clarified all the rumours about his retirement by saying that no one other than him knows better on when to retire.
On asking how did he feel after scoring that century, he added ‘Its only because of my determination, concentration and wheel-power that I made my dream come true. Every kid’s dream is to score a century while sitting on a wheelchair. Am I right?! So was mine. I feel very satisfied now by contributing a little country.’By his oldy goldy performance he made all the critics shut up. After yesterday’s performance some experts said that there is still some cricket left in him. Its he who knows when to retire or not.Meanwhile Ravi Shastri congratulated him for this achievment. On asking him why does he always say that its a ‘
Do or die situation for him’ whenever Sachin comes to bat, he replied ‘ because all the three results are possible. Win. Tie. Die’ Seems like nothing and no one can contribute to the history of cricket like Sachin did. Err..will. For some more years. Take a bow. Literally.Also, yesterday was Bhagat Singh’s 150th anniversary, if that matters.

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