PDA! (Public Display of Affection/ People- Dumb Asses)

The topic I am raising this time, maybe is not practical enough, maybe will bother some oldies, but in some sense or other, it is true. Today, in India, 90percent of singles are not singles. I mean everyone has, or is looking for a bf/gf. The rest 10 percent are in the prestigious colleges named as IITs. Lets not move away from the topic. So most of the guys/girls are committed now a days, and they are mostly between the age group of 18 to 24.  18 to 24 has been the most important age period of the human race since ages. It still is. We learn how to cope up with a breakup, how to breakup, how to make our parents proud, what to be in the future, what not to be in the future, to carry the expectations of our parents on our shoulders, to carry the girlfriend on our shoulders, etc. etc. But the most important thing that we earn while we are in this age group is independence. We learn how to make our own decisions. We learn what is right for us which is apparently wrong for others.



The other day I was hanging out with my girlfriend in some mall. She was shopping or something and I was hanging around with her, carrying her shopping bags. There is a thing with girls, they will take the most naive person with them for shopping, and the next thing that they will complain is, you are not helping me. On this god’s green earth, I can’t even decide which colour suits ME well, how the hell can I suggest her what to wear. But while shopping and stuff, since I was helping her a LOT, we got this weird urge to kiss! And here’s a thing about kissing, when you want to kiss, you have to, and you should, because its biological that when you don’t kiss at that peak moment, the hormones overflow, and then you may end up doing something embarassing which I obviously won’t state here. But , since its INDIA and PDA is not allowed here, we can’t do anything. Leave the kiss, a day before we were just sitting in a park, eating some burger, a group of oldies came and sat around us. One of them asked us in a very condescending tone if we are okay with it and warned us indirectly to not hold hands. What shit. So, Here comes the topic of this article. Should PDA be allowed in India?! PDA- Public Display of Affection, the most commonly used word in FIR registers of our police stations. I have this simple point, why can’t we kiss? Why can’t we hold hands? We are 18, we know what is good for us. Now for god’s sake, don’t let the Indian culture intervene this matter, the ancient history of India never had such restrictions. Google it. Moreover there is a book named Kamasutra, written by Indians! Don’t be hypocrites.


The bollywood stuff, Jism2, the models, the swooshing cars with guys and girls making out in it, the clothing style, everything has changed. The history ain’t gonna repeat with the ancient curtain things in bedrooms. So just stop this shit too. Infact, the main reason of population rise in India is because PDA isn’t allowed here. Since people aren’t allowed to kiss in public, they resist. They keep on resisting. For days they resist. But when it goes beyond their control, they take a room and do stuff. Since I am guessing only practical people are reading this, so guys, if a couple will get a room, they won’t just kiss each other, will they?! So here I prove my point. It may sound weird or out of this world, but 40 percent of the population rise is because of this reason only. And we all know what population rise has done to us, the chain begins with poverty and ends up with corruption. We want us to be compared with America, and have this narrow minded approach. We want to give sex education but we aren’t comfortable with PDAs. Irony at its best!


Why not we leave this thing on the partners. Some can tolerate being seen by others, some may prefer privacy. There shouldn’t be any rules regarding this. I am not saying that we should have sex in public, but kissing and holding hands should be acceptable. We can’t take a room just to hold hands. People may now say why do you need to show it to everyone what you are doing. I say- why can’t you avert your eyes then. Why do you have to look? Look elsewhere.


Why should  we be the one worrying about voyeurism. Why can’t you change this mentality. Why do you have to see even if its not comfortable for your eyes. Trust me if we will just worry about some oldies, we will eventually become the people with same approach.


Now, There can be another point, what if the minors see it. In this technological cum media-ruled world, they know what stuff is happening around us, and trust me the number of fucks they give on this is coincidentally the same number discovered by Aryabhatta. As much as you try to “hide” things from teenagers, they have a way to learn everything through sources! Who are we kidding? We were teenagers once. I don’t think PDAs have anything to do with influencing the youthThey know what they got to know,sooner or later! Moreover some day or other they are gonna do the same. So why not let they have this thinking developed. Let the society be free. This thinking aint gonna come automatically, we have to bring it. Install it.

I am not against any Indian culture or rituals or any typical Indian rules, I am against this one sided thinking.


If someone’s sentiments are being hurt by this note, I am extremely sorry and I don’t care.


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7 thoughts on “PDA! (Public Display of Affection/ People- Dumb Asses)

  1. Careful with those statistics mate!
    I fall in the bracket too and am single And not looking to mingle. The whole thing about having a girl/boy friend during this age is a bit over-rated. Aisa kuch nahi hota aajkal!
    But I love commenting and dislodging on posts about all this…
    Taarne me mazaa toh bahut aata hai, jo bhi kaho!

    There is no pleasure like staring at a couple and making them conscious about it! 😛

    But on a serious note, any form of staring is stupid illogical and should not be done- be it at a girl, at a couple or a man.
    However, the question is who stops it? This isn’t like “belling the cat”…this is more like “un-belling the cat”

    My solution- Jo karna hai..bindaas karo..don’t go overboard..you know what I mean..and let the world go crazy! 😉


  2. I totally agree with you…
    Today what happened with me was madness! In college at around 6.30-7, my bf was walking me to the parking lot…as it was dark n deserted. He had his arm around my neck n we were talking about our project. Okay this is sort of our routine though. But ttoday suddenly some guy comes… Calling himself some rahul sir… Probably a assistant teacher or a lab assistant, comes n says what do you think you are? Are you in a garden or what? What rubbish are you doing, don’t you have ethics…. N blah blah…. Then asks,us for our I’d card n takes them away n says collect it from the principal tomw!
    Okay what’s wrong if a guy has his arm around a girl’s neck?! What’s so indecent about it???
    Let me also tell you that we study in one of Indians most prestigious college where ppl from all around the world come!!!
    See even such place have narrow minded people!!!
    Now tomw I’ve to see what happens!


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  4. I couldn’t agree with you more!.If I had the power I’d paste this post on every oldie’s face. All those who stare at couples really need to get a life, They are just holding hands dammit, not holding a bomb.
    P.S- You have an amazing style of writing, Keep the posts coming, (Y) 🙂


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