Proud Delhiites! Or are we?

So, Delhi is 100 years old. Congrats to Delhiites. Another century while we wait for Tendulkar’s. Also some people are waiting for the petrol to score a century in Delhi and the likes of Unprogressive Alliance(UPA) can make this thing possible apart from cooling and handling the pressure cooker typo mind of Mamta Didi.
From 11th December 1911 to 11th December 2011, hundred years have passed and a hundreds of changes have passed too. The only thing stationary from that time to this time is probably the “Paranthewali Gali.” The owner has not changed a single furniture of the shop, never repainted it, nothing. It’s just the old 1940s shop running successfully(don’t know how) in the midst of Laal Quila. Sometimes, I even wonders, do the owner even bothers to change the paranthas or is he serving the same shit that he served to Nehru years back. The smell of the Paranthas makes me think so. Anyways, Delhi is changing and has changed a lot. From taxes to rapes to crimes, from food crisis to so called Fasts, everything is increasing at a rate higher than that of price of gold.
In this commingling of mundane and exciting environment(at the same time), with Delhi, the women living here are progressing too. Women, today are leading from front, from Congress high command to Trinmool Congress high command, from Mayawati to Jay Lalita, from Rakhi Sawant to Barkha Dutt and nevertheless, from Veena Malik to Sunny Leone.Everywhere, whether in the field of politics, media, entertainment or “that” entertainment, they are leading us. Indira Gandhi- the Iron lady, can be awarded as the lady of the century, a lady who deformed the Vajpayees’s attitude and made him to think about some poetic stuff, made the doors of society open for women.
But in Delhi, what the scenario today has become is just the same as it was in early 1920s, women are now again afraid to move out at night. Gurgaon Molestation is a real good(bad) recent example of this. We owe a lot to our dear rapists. Thank you so much guys for your generosity towards women.
So, what I feel is , Delhi is not progressing now, it has progressed enough. Yes, the full stop says it all. Lets put a flash light or light-emitting diode on this century( LED because only 12 years have passed and as the Mayans says, no more to go). RTI passed. Thanks to Kejriwal. Congress won two times in a row. Sheila Dikshit- a good thing happened. CWG- A good thing happened though, but now a days, it’s more oftenly is looking like as if it is in  a relationship with the word scam, they always come together. Although, by the word CWG, it’s not Gagan Narang that comes in our mind it’s Suresh Kalmadi that pops up. A strange irony!. And now, the major highlight of this century, not only in Delhi but also all over the world- Anna, No not Anna Kournikova, It’s Anna hazare. Or rather I say Team Anna and Its Lokpal. Ha! the title resembles to any Harry potter movie like “Harry Potter and deathly hallows – 1 and 2″. But the only Difference between “Team Anna and it’s lokpal” and ” Harry Potter and deathly hallows” is that the third part of Team Anna also came recently disturbing the new year night life of Mumbaiwalas. Though, a world premiere of making this part successful was held on 11th December at Jantar Mantar and many celebrities were invited too, it still somehow failed epicly. Maybe like Ra.One of SRK. Overhyped is the word.
So, from all the drama happening around from fasts to castes, the only one suffering in Delhi is the common man; who is so uncommon now a days.
I asked an old man sitting at the Anna’s fast in Ramlila few months before, that ” Taau, tu bhi fast rakhyo hai kay?” He replied” Beta, itni mehengaai me khaane ko roti naseeb hi na hoti to fast to har doosre din rakhna pad jaata hai manne to.” That’s the situation.
Still we wants to fight against corruption rather than poverty, for right to information rather than right to education. Carry on guys. I am a middle class family boy and we know how to survive.
It seems that from anything to everything, apparently nothing good is happening around Delhi. And I feel Delhiites are so(un)lucky to be here. Right at the podium where war is about to begin, and we just have to watch the show. A show where every Sibal and Jaitley is Brutus in their own fields and yet can deliver a speech like Antony anywhere you want. Probably it’s because of more of the advocates living in our society. Sometimes I feel, it’s not democracy in India, it’s Advo-cracy.
Moreover, Delhiites are probably the only people in the world who can cancel a postponed concert and can throw bottles on the crew members of Metallica (metal band having fan following larger than the population of whole Europe and Africa combined). Who else have the guts to do that. I don’t understand why media was blaming the security and police, it’s not any UNICEF(these are the guys who arrange a large dinner party to raise money for starving children of Africa, Ironic?) or UNO meeting, it’s a metal show, a rock metal show and if you can’t manage yourself don’t expect others to change your underwears or to be more precise diapers. But, then again we have an attitude “we-are-delhiites-and-we-don’t-give-a-damn-at-anything”. Yet, somehow people say Delhi is progressing. How the hell, on god’s green earth Delhi can progress with such an arrogant attitude. A city which is unsafe for girls, women and children, people living here are rapists , drunk and even paedophiles(Dr.Talwar is not the only one, he is one of the many). But Yes, DELHI IS PROGRESSING.
I take back my word ” Cheers” from the first line as if I don’t want any chaos to happen while reading my article. Best of Luck pillocks! Have a suck-sex(full) life in Delhi- City of Dreams rather I would say Nightmares.

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20 thoughts on “Proud Delhiites! Or are we?

  1. Hmm….. Delhi is really a city of NIGHTMARES…:P
    BTW again nice 1 bro….:)
    now I don’t even have more words to praise ur notes…:)
    Kaash thodi bahut writting mujhe bhi aati…:/


  2. the only thing i dint liked was this
    “Best of Luck Niggas”
    bitch we r DESIZ not niggas 😐

    Rest of it…is truth so words up
    regards- PROUD DELHITE


      • modern day slang 😐 😐 😐
        niggaz is a word deadly meant only for black people
        we r brown!!
        infact if u start using DESIZ instead of NIGGAZ
        u’ll get patriotic feeling too 😛


  3. Delhi and its men just scares the shit out of me. I like to study its historical building and admire it architecture and enjoy the food that are served on the street. But, you never get to enjoy Delhi especially when you are a girl. I was in Delhi three years ago and this kid got hit and run over by a car across this street. And, the driver didn’t stop to check the kid.


  4. Also, I never quite understood why these Delhi men would just come and walk pass you and at the same time try to brush over your breast. It’s like really? Does it seriously turn you on? Are you that freaking desperate? Here in America, whenever we bump into someone accidentally, we apologize. Now, if I am ever in Delhi, I keep my hands in a boxing position ready to punch anyone that looks like they are trying to bump. And, I feel like such an idiot.


  5. Zaleeluddin, You’re nothing but a jerk who loves to get himself humiliated over and over. How do you even live with yourself ? I mean seriously, you’re like those street animals who excrete and eat at the same pile of crap.

    Get a life


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