A journey To Remember!

“Get aside” said a nice looking girl to me. “All yours mam” I replied and my whole group laughed loudly pointing the double meaning of my words towards my pants to the girl. She said “cheap” and went away.

The announcement of arrival of our train was going on , rather I should say the slow motion announcement of arrival of our two hour late train was going on. How fast the train may be , the announcer shows no interest in this and will always announce the things in such a mundane manner that makes us feel to lock ourselves in a room and cry for that bitch.

My seat was not in the same coach as of my other fellas. I wished them for safe journey and went towards my coach.The rush was so much as if any fare was going on. It was the time of Diwali and all the students were going back home . I was one of them. I crushed the rush making some abuses and entered in my coach. This was nothing new for me. An aunty besides me having tits larger than football pushed me. We all were looking at her like wtf. I gesticulated wildly. Anyway I looked for my seat and sat. No one was sitting near me. Though I wished for a girl but no one sitting with me was also acceptable.

The engine was about to start and the final horn was going on. A girl came towards my seat abusing the guys staring at her. She said “excuse me , is this seat no. 48”. I looked at her. She was the same girl I met at the platform. I was again like wtf. I said “yes” and looked towards the other side. She said “and you are the same cheap boy , i guess”. I said ” excuse me , you have no right to say cheap or abuse me, just move in and sit, bloody bi..(I controlled)”. She again asked ” oh hello, you are the one who misbehaved and where are your other foolish friends?”. I said ” I am not at all interested in playing kbc with you girl,no more questions, just move on” and plugged in my earphones. She moved inside hurting my toe. I whispered “bitch” making sure that it was loud enough. She ignored.

One hour passed. We didn’t speak a single word but as a good observer I was noticing her. When you observe a girl you can’t get bored. She first tied her long hair with ribbon, adjusted her bags and took out a novel . While reading that novel, a strand of her hair kept falling on the book and she was busy in keeping that behind her ears. Then she tied her purple colour dupatta from the front , plugged in the earphones, again adjusted her hair , drank water, dropped some on my pants, said sorry,etc. etc….how can one get bored when a beautiful girl is sitting near you doing series of silly things one by one. I was also reading a novel by Salman Rushdii. As he is a well known author, and also not an Indian origin writer, most of the students prefer NOT to read his books . Why would they, isn’t Chetan Bhagat an awesome writer. Of course he is. Also, our breed feels, either the theme of Rushdii’s book is colourless or English he use is much above their level. But the correct reason is he don’t write love stories, he write novels, good novels and thats what writing is all about.

The girl besides me was reading the novel “I too had a love story” by some Ravinder singh. I had already read that and it was one of the GOOD(?) decisions of my life to read that. That book was the perfect example of how to fool Indians and do business with their emotions. Anyways as I was reading the book by a real author , she stared at my book for about 5 minutes and then  asked ” do you get what he writes”. I said ” yes, most of the time, don’t you?”. She replied ” I never read his books though, but one of my friend told me that he writes crap which is out of this world”. I said “unfriend her then, he is one of the awesome writers world have today”. She arrogantly replied “ok, but why are you so rude”. I said “this question was supposed to ask by me” . She replied ” i did what a normal girl would do “. I said ” what, making my trousers wet?” . She smiled and said ” no, that platform one”. I replied ” what wrong did i say, those bastards can make double meaning of anything ” , she replied ” hmm , most of the boys are same, but you look different”. I replied ” why, because I am reading Rushdii’s novel or I’m talking to you rudely?” . She said ” because of the Rushdii one, all boys are rude “. I said “except the flirty ones”. She smiled and said “yes”.

So now the chat has begun. I said “as you have already concluded that I am rude, i would like you to know that the girl dies at last in the novel you are reading ” , with an open jaw she replied “Why the fuck you did this to me ” , i replied with an evil laugh ” because i am rude”. Haha, that was my moment. She opened the last part of the novel and started reading that , when she figured out that the girl actually dies she said ” you are a very cruel person, you asshole “, I laughed and apologised for that though i didn’t want to . She said ” waise,  you saved my time “. I was flabbergasted, and asked” what?? You didn’t want to read that ” . She replied ” no, actuallly i am not a good reader, i just want to know the stories ” . I smiled and said ” then you should thank me for this rey “..she replied ” but you are such a rude person rey !!”. We both laughed.

We then chatted, chatted and chatted. Oh sorry she then chatted, chatted and chatted , i was just listening, listening and listening. I came to know that she was preparing for medical entrance, lives near her coaching in some raja apartments, has 2 brothers , one dog,one parrot, uses fair and lovely and attend the parties occasionally. What she knew about me was that I hate frooty as in between the talk she asked me for a sip.

She was unintentionally testing my long temper , Henceforth I interrupted her  and said ” ok, now as i know that one of your brother’s name is ankit, your father is an income tax officer, your mother’s name is savita, your dog’s name is albus, your favourite brand is adidas and you hate the girls who shows off, i want to know your name.” On this  reply she laughed , stopped and laughed again . She said ” you are such a good humorous person” i replied ” and i thought i was rude “. She smiled and said ” sorry for that, anyways my name is Aditi.” I said ” nice name”. She replied ” dont be flirty “. I said ” no, its a nice name, even my dog’s gf has the same “. She laughed again. She asked for my name. I replied “Vishal”. She said ” nice name, even i call my dog with the same name sometimes” . I replied ” such an old kind of humor, you should learn something new “. She laughed and said ” as i am sitting with you, i surely will”.

We shared our lunch and the music too. In this 21st generation what you wear doesn’t matter, what you eat doesn’t matter, but what music you listen matters, what novel you read matters. It kinda reflects your personality .

At first, she was asking me for the songs she didn’t have and i had, then she started looking at my mobile, then she snatched my mobile. Thats what girls are all about, warning, second warning and gone, you are gone. Or in these cases your mobile is gone. Anyways there was no porn in my mobile, so I was as cool and composed as a pumpkin. After about fifteen minutes she returned my mobile and replied you are a good boy. I said ” don’t you feel ashamed while reading personal messages “. She fumbled and said ” I read only one but how did you know that?” I replied ” i guessed” and laughed. She first gave that stern look and then laughed with me. Delhi was about to come, i asked her about her residence and all. We were now like friends. She replied somewhere in south ex and asked for my address. I told her mine address . She asked me to be in contact. I said ” how, by remembering your stupid things” . She laughed and gave her number ,I gave her a miss call. We saved each others number with those sweet memories. We decided to come back together from Delhi after the vacations and were officially friends now.

That was a journey to remember.That incident has completed one year now and the girl is now one of my best friends . We msg each other daily. Though we have some difference in opinions but thats what life is all about, best friends are the ones who understand these differences better than others.

I believe that everything happens for a reason.

I was not in the coach where my friends were, i felt bad that time but I was destined to meet this girl . Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

Her last message has beeped now

” Happpy diwali!!! , my sweet frnd!!!! In a relationship, you should know when to hold on and let go!!!!” .

5,6,7 how many exclamation marks are there, if a girl would have made the grammar, it might only consisted of exclamation marks.


27 thoughts on “A journey To Remember!

  1. Is this one fiction? I think it’s an amazing story about how you two friends met. I am a huge fan of Rushdie’s work. I have read pretty much everything from Grimus to The enchantress if Florence. What’s your favorite novel of his?


    • Yep this one is fiction too.
      I am not a fan of Rushdie. But I like his work. Midnight’s Children is probably the best novel he has ever written, which coincidentally is in the list of my favourite novels. I don’t know why but it surprised me that you are a Rushdie fan.


      • Well, I have read all of his work… That’s why I like to call myself a fan. I loved loved loved Midnight’s Children. I was ecstatic when I heard they are turning it into movie and Rushdie is going to contribute to the script. And, when I finally watched the film at Toronto Film Fest, I was extremely disappointed. Surprise is good.


      • I have read that one too. I heard it on the news about how how his book The Satanic Verses was banned in India. I could probably google. But, enlighten me if it is just that book or Rushdie himself banned from India?


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